The Perfect Pot for Tadig! I enjoyed it just like I enjoyed watching Khaneh va Doost previously. Mosaferi Az Hend – Review. I first ate loobia polow back on , early on my relationship with bff. After 14 episodes of maahe asal, I am addicted to this song. When Sita visited Emam Reza with Parvaneh, she was so amazed with the place which bring her again there and become a Muslim. My last post 4 years ago.

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Show 10 Show All. Streaming Officer Downe Movie 3 mosaferi az hend ago. The story is more about what happened in Mansour’s family rather than Sita’s journey in Iran.

Mosaferi Az Hend – Review. Insyallah I’ll go there one day. Previously I always update my cooking but lately I’ve lost my passion. Even though her heart was broken, she mozaferi act cool and treat Sita behavely. I’m now looking for a new serial to fill in my lonely time before sleep. Do anything for the sake of love. I know somehow it didnt correctly translated but i love to put ‘e’ to conne Ramin cut their engagement because he found Sita damn you Ramin. Mosaferi az hend Cuisine from Javane’s Kitchen.


Even inside house she grooms well.

Plus, I love the way she wears mantou. Even though he is just a step brother to Ramin’s family, he shows that he also has the responsibility to the family.

Mosaferi az Hend – 21

Pomegranate Pistachio Chocolate Bark 1 year ago. If I’m in Sita’s place, I’ll do the same. They’re all good in acting which make this drama nice.

I first ate loobia polow back onearly on my relationship with bff. I just hope that in the end Ramin meet Sita again, mosaferi az hend it didn’t happen. I don’t like him.

Ancient grind 4 years ago. This is my story, my reference of my experience in learning Farsi and cooking Persian foods. But Parvaneh is one good woman.

Its not that I didnt cook but I cook normal foods just to fill my But of course her vocabulary is much more than me well she is Iranian in reality.

However, for me I think the title did not match the story much. All in all I enjoyed the story. Jom cuba 6 years ago.


Mosaferi Az Hend (A Voyager From India-Iranian Sound Track)

Sita Early in the story, I felt really close to Sita. Bits Of Random 2 years ago. Other than that, in 1 episode she cooked Indian foods to Daei Jalal’s family and it was too spicy moosaferi them, just like I cooked Malay foods which is spicy.

The Perfect Pot for Tadig! View my complete profile.

Mosaferi az Hend – 21 – IRANI TV |

Daei Jalal Man of responsible. About Me ChiliandSaffron Me and my life. I enjoyed it just like I enjoyed watching Khaneh va Doost previously.