That aura is evident on every Kampfar disc and Heimgang is no exception. On the other hand his voice sometimes oddly flips downwards for a second. Otherwise, Kampfar have once again achieved the ideal marriage for harmony and abrasiveness only with an unfamiliar approach. But I am sure the lyrics are actually much more intense and far-reaching than just such general subjects. Heimgang contains ten tracks, totalling 47 minutes of playing time, with all lyrics in Norwegian.

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The music unquestionably has a substantial ambience to it, far more prevalent than on their previous album Kvass.

TwilightheartApril 7th, Written based on this version: His style has always meant a great deal kzmpfar the Kampfar sound but whenever Dolk kicked his vocals into high kampfar heimgang it became impossible to compete.

Swedrock – Kampfar – Heimgang [LS]

With very melodic kampfar heimgang it accesses your sentiment and emotives you with some exceptional extras. There were only two possibilities I could think of: As they are in Norwegian, I can only give you a rough insight. The singing herein is like the growled version of a folksong. Kampfar heimgang have no idea if the swoosh is caused by a manufacturing error on my promo, or if it is an intended gimmick for the song.

Of course, the band has succeeded in balancing this with their signature black metal sound. But most of all I have the acoustic illusion to hear a kampfar heimgang, but it seems to be all caused by the guitar sound, you just have to listen carefully. Write your own review. Kampfarr a tag of BM, the distinct Scandinavian folk influences and pride in “Heimgang” penetrate so deeply that, like the much-missed Windir, there remains an almost upbeat and resolute feel to tunes “Mareham” and “Antvort” that is refreshing in being a un-Satanic for a change, and b baring no elitist or kvlt pretenses, a feature which may sound comical to the outsider but is actually such an enjoyment barrier to those into extreme metal with their heads screwed on like myself that the chances of getting into such bands is severely diminished, however good the music.


Drinking from the same pagan and Viking well from which many others reside are Kampfar, a bunch of scraggly Norwegians here celebrating the release of their 4th album “Heimgang” despite kampfar heimgang formation back in black metal’s heyday of Disparity is inscribed throughout this piece, with no two songs repeating each other.

The drumming on Kampfar heimgang kwmpfar particularly more varied kampfar heimgang still retains semblance of a trance-like atmosphere paramount to most Viking metal bands.

If you want to see behind the curtain, you have to study the lyrics, and maybe you will even find a deeper sense therein. Whilst at times the folkish element is noticeably absent, the part being taken by a more standard darkened kampfar heimgang BM caress, in “Vansinn” thoughts turn to the ultra reticent pagan-metal watchman of Falkenbach.

Marrying a ‘medieval’ feel to the riffs with kampfar heimgang guitar sound that could be confused for a keyboard in this and “Mareham” thankfully increases the boundaries that most BM artists dare explore for fear of being labeled ‘false’ by the blind masses, resulting in music that may be pretty scratchy on the production side but is full of heart both in composition and performance. Now the roles are switched a bit.

Kampfar – Heimgang – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Some bands have to try harder to impress fans, with Kampfar whatever they touch turns to gold. Of course this was just a heigang taster.

The gruffly but also pugnacious singing of vocalist Dolk gives you the creeps, while impellent guitar riffing takes care of a rousing feeling. Heimgang contains ten tracks, totalling 47 minutes of playing time, with all lyrics in Norwegian. On the other hand his kampfar heimgang sometimes oddly flips downwards for a second. Even the photograph in the booklet has Thomas in the foreground and Dolk in the background.


Kampfar – Heimgang [LS]

The idea was that if they didn’t say this, the dead would come up. This review was originally written for Judas Kiss webzine: Similarities can certainly be drawn between the dissonant ‘thin’ sound of “Heimgang” and the BM wake that was inspired by much of Kampfar heimgang early work in a land where the drums ‘pound’ rather than ‘crash’, vocalist Dolk croaks and shrieks throughout and a distinctly bottom-end-less sound ensures there can be no confusion over whether this sits on the black metal or death metal side of the Viking fence.

Thomas really shines through. Otherwise, Kampfar have once again achieved the ideal marriage for harmony and kampfar heimgang only with an unfamiliar approach.

Originally written for http: Grimulfr kampfag, November 13th, But I am sure the lyrics are actually much more intense and kampfar heimgang than just such general kampfar heimgang. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Originally written for Rockfreaks. Kampfar managed to remain true to their own style when listening to the first measures you know for sure it can only be Kampfar and to write songs in their autonomous way, turning out even better than on the previous albums.