We have bolstered our library of portable, standalone Cloud Based Aero Charts by adding the following:. Web technologies are changing fast and it’s unlikely GMap can continue for another decade in its current form, especially if or rather when Google makes changes to its Maps API. Tap on the green down arrow or anywhere along the line e. Please note the minimum system version required is now OS X Direct-To The Direct-To button will display a list of nearby airports, helipads and seaplane ports. GMap utilises our latest mapping engine technology and includes 12 world-wide map styles as well as more than a dozen navigation charts including Alaska, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Australia and the US. Please note that performing this step means any loaded flight plans will also be cleared.

fswidgets gmap

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The Map button allows you to change the base map and you can choose one of 12 different Map options To load a different Map tap the world-shaped icon and select from one of the options. Here is a description of the various maps:. Setting this will include land based airports within the Direct-To list of nearby airports.

Compass The Compass Toggle button will hide and show a compass overlay on top of all other screen elements. Complete details, screenshots and free demos available here:.

FSWidgets GMap für FSX in der Garmin Edition

Looking for some interesting and lumpy locations to test the XTaws for Windows demo? The newly added charts are as follows:.

fswidgets gmap

Flight Plans The Plans button provides support for displaying native flight plan formats from the three most popular simulators on the market, it reads: Tapping on these icons will hide and show either the left toolbar or the right toolbar.


The Preferences button opens the QuickMap Preferences screen where you can customize the behavior of the application as well as enter registration information. Our Cloud Based Aero Charts are not priced as a subscription service with regular updates, but a one-time fee to access the data.

When connected to the desktop simulator, GMap follows the aircraft position on the map.

FSWidgets Releases GMap for FSX

Please see the Product Compatibility section on any chart product page for the full list of apps that have this support. XTaws for Windows Note: Once you are familiar with GMap the Help button can be hidden to reduce screen clutter see the Preferences section for further information.

To display the associated data, tap on an icon in the popup info window. If you are a GMap user, we’d welcome your feedback via our Contact Us page. There are two icons that enable access to all the features of GMap, these are located at the top left and top right of your device.

fswidgets gmap

Once the connection has been disconnected, the aircraft icon will disappear and the HUD will show all 0 display values. We have more than doubled the collection by adding a whopping 21 new aero chartstaking the list up to a staggering total of 35 aero charts!

– FSWidgets Releases GMap For Microsoft Flight

Web technologies are changing fast and it’s unlikely GMap can continue for another decade in its current form, especially if fdwidgets rather when Google makes changes to its Maps API. As the ten year mark rolls past it’s an opportune time to stop and think about the future of the app. In addition, the map will no longer be locked to the aircraft position and can be freely moved as required.

Further, fswidgeys IP Address of the host machine the computer running the flight simulator and the Port Number of the host machine must be entered in the Preferences screen in GMap. Please note that networking issues can be challenging to understand and with that in mind we have created a special post in our forums here which details some of the most common areas of confusion when trying to pair two device on a local network.


The Direct-To button will display a list of nearby airports, helipads and seaplane ports. That means we can update it with new features and apply hot fixes without the need for updating the client-side app itself.

FSWidgets GMapHD Free Download

Because the data in this app fswidgeets delivered via the cloud, no update to the app itself is required and all current users should now be receiving the enhanced map. The comprehensive article written by Paul Mort concludes by saying: FSWidgets is pleased to release a new X-Plane-exclusive product! Note that battery usage will be increased when this option is on.

Changes include some minor fixes and a maintenance update to the mapping engine backend. Now the map also loads in more airport details via icons and popups frequencies and ILS symbols as well as surrounding navaids which can be toggled as required Mac edition shown: Finland Italy Fswisgets Slovakia If you own the standalone Europe Aero Data product you will notice these new areas listed in your app menu from today. The port number can generally be any number greater thanwe suggest using a high number that is unlikely to be used by something else, for example, To display the associated data, tap on an icon.