Some say the devil is dead, the devil is dead, the devil is dead Some say the devil is dead, and buried in Killarney More say he rose again, more say he rose again More say he rose again and joined the British Army! This track is certainly no exception. Most of the lyric sets him up as the heroic figure most Irish people revere him as, before the final lines feature the stunningly banal comments that “Many people did not agree with him” and “He gave his best, what more could he do? They’re just scattered throughout the album with no rhyme or reason involved. When the dust cleared, the album was finished and Cruachan have finally now solidified their lineup. The vocals did this, not the guitar work and other instruments.

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Write cruachan pagan own review. Cruachan pagan is very pretty and softly played. The drums are distant and indistinct. Thanks to cooler for sending these lyrics. Cruachan’s “Pagan” is a very strange beast indeed. Several all instrumental Celtic tracks are included as well. Regardless if you got that comparison the piano segment being showcased works well with the guitar and drums, but that is the only part of the song which the non metal music works with the song.

In fact I had to skip tracks every time I listened to it. If someone gives it t you as a present, slap them. Which really is a shame, because other bands such as Arkona or Eluveitie that were probably inspired by this band pull off the folk metal a lot better.

Now ashamed of your ignorance you seek for an album from the aforementioned band The lyrics are quite political which is a trend that their albums have followed recently.

Cruachan is an Irish band, and proud to be so, what may constitute their main charm and strength.

cruachan pagan As with a great many folk-metal albums, the melodies remain the key, and these are incessantly catchy. A doom band, what the fuck? No, because there are a few standout tracks – Pagan, the title song, springs immediately to my mind.


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Other small problems which were a hindrance to this albums cruachan pagan to greatness were the female vocals, songs which tried to be black or death metal but failed, and certain pointless songs. Cruachan – Blood on the Black Robe.

Is this album total rubbish? With all said, Pagan becomes an album whose memorable moments will keep you putting it back in your player every few months or so, then shelving it again once you hear the cruachan pagan moments again. This album is a logical progression down the road cruachan pagan Cruachan was embarking on.

Drums are so muffled down they seem to come from some remote shore, vocals often sound awkward and the bass is forever lost. It certainly features great folk moments, it also features some ctuachan metal moments.

Cruachan:Pagan Lyrics

Ironically, there’s also a retelling of the legend of Brian Boru, who is given the full epic-heroic treatment and ends up sounding a lot more interesting. Pagan, the title track, is phenomenal and one of the songs that got me into metal music in the cruavhan place.

Most important, the production is equally poor on both albums. One thing can not be denied, and that is that with this release Cruachan can deliver some memorable and at cruacjan amazing folk music. Not to say Cruachan pagan is a bad album. Indeed, not less than four instrumental tracks, three of them being devoid of any metal element, serve to strengthen the cruachan pagan with their flourish of bagpipes, flutes and fiddles.

Pagan (album) – Wikipedia

A thousand years have come and gone I have won, I will go on Stand firm against the storm I cannot see it but it will come And with the ghosts of a million Gaels I will rise up, I will prevail You can starve my children You cruachan pagan kill my cruachan pagan man Take away my right to freedom And when pagann back is turned cruachwn kill cruachan pagan You can burn my houses Take away all that I have known But the seeds are sown When the Dane invaded The held the Gael with a strangle-hold Until Boru joined to clans He won the war, re-claimed my lands My green fields have been pagsn red From the blood of the Irish dead But with this fire that burns inside I will always rebel, I will survive You can starve my children You can kill my fighting man Take away my right to freedom And when my back is turned you kill again You can cruachaj my houses Take away all that I have known But the seeds are sown The guitars all come together in a jumbled mess and the bass cannot be distinguished.


Annoyingly the female vocals feel the need to repeat what all the harsh vocals say, making the song longer and more repetitious than ppagan needs to be, thankfully the song ends well with good folk music. That is to say on songs pagaj Michael Collins there is a very catchy pipe solo that caries on cruachqn over a minute using cruachan pagan repetitions to cruachan pagan a structure while also changing every few cycles of repeated melodies to keep the pipe segment interesting.

Ard Ri Na Heirann 5. When we look beyond the somewhat ungainly combination of influences, and the rather odd combination of vocals presented they do fit together after a fashion, just not obviously sowhat are we left with? The song is Keith Fay singing like a traditional Irish man.