SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Then I found out it was old time boxing legend, Primo’s nickname. Stick up for yourself, son. Experimental rock group Yeasayer released its second album, Odd Blood , in to a generally favorable reception. Email Address never made public.

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Later in his life, as his financial problems worsened, he suffered from issues with mental illness and drugs. Ambling alp, he did help a few Jews escape from Germany, or something to that extent! Experimental rock group Yeasayer released its second album, Odd Bloodin to a generally favorable reception.

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp Lyrics | SongMeanings

There was an error. Login with Facebook Error: Flag ifyouknew ambling alp December 24, Louis had underestimated his opponent, and Schmeling had carefully prepared. Flag dyb on December 21, Army made the subtext of his biggest victory into text, rallying popular support for World War Two.

It is true that both times Louis fought Schmelling were in the month of June, and so was Louis’s fight against the Ambling Alp. And if anyone should cheat you, take advantage of, or beat you Raise your head and wear your wounds with pride Former heavyweight champions Joe Ambling alp, left, and Max Schmeling, center, share a laugh with former referee Arthur Donovan in It is full of metaphor but extends beyond just that. General Comment There’s a good discussion of the lyrics going on over on the vimeo version of their video.


Schmeling, while he may have let himself be exploited by the Nazi regime, did risk his life to save two Jewish children. You are commenting using your WordPress. During his military service, he facilitated the officer candidate application of Jackie Robinson, and later he would become the first African American to play golf in ambling alp PGA-sactioned event. Further proof is in the fact that Schmeling and Carnera weren’t necessarily facists themselves. It’s even possible that Ampling Alp was in part inspired by “Catch” ” fireflies in your eyes, anyone?

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Max Schmeling and a World on the Brink.

Ambling Alp

Haha, way to show those clueless hipsters! He was the Nazi’s olympic superman, so the song had to be about the legend of the Ambling alp Bomber.

Finally, I see a lot of parallels between these lyrics and themes in “Catch” by Joseph Heller, which is an excellent and important book that you should all read. However, no one has mentioned what I think is a clear political and symbolic dimension to this metaphor.


Add your thoughts 16 Comments. Flag terroreesa ambling alp March 14, Zlp of retro maybe. Max Schmeling fought under the flag of the Nazi regime, and his victory made for excellent material in the Nazi propaganda machine. He also became friends with Joe Louis later in his life. Though few expected Louis to have any trouble, Schmeling handed Louis his first professional loss with a knockout in the twelfth round.

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Schmeling spent the next three weeks in the hospital with fractured vertebrae in his back. Why not add your own? Login with Google Error: Judging from the superficial perspective of internet posts, ‘pGFP’ may have shown the ambling alp maturity when he said “Oooooh! Despite the loss, Louis and his promoters managed to secure the heavyweight title bout for the next year, and Joe Louis seized the title from James Braddock in No Replies Log in to amblinb.

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